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Cute Girl with Pigtails
Stencil Graffiti Heaven in Canada Lane, Melbourne
Everfresh Studio: Hosier Lane
Kissing Skeletons
Dude Wearing Glasses
Man & Woman Stencil Graffiti
Rock Climber Stencil Graffiti
Graffiti Piece in Caledonian Lane
Guilford Lane Wheatpaste
Collection of Sticker Art
Girl Sitting Wheatpaste
Guilford Lane Wheatpaste
Two Little Girls Stencil
Toy Toy Wheatpaste
Funny Face - Caledonian Lane, Melbourne
Samurai Stencil
Colourful Vomit
'Little Diver' by Banksy
Virgin Mary
Union Lane Stencils
Collection of Stencils
Music Non Stop
Smoking Owl
The King of Hearts
I Rode the Tsunami - Bali 2004
Hey Mr Rooster!
Hey Sexy
Victoria Police Car
Flinders Street Station
Mario Condello
Graffiti - Colour Your City
Dancing the Salsa
The Fox
Skirt Lifter - Hosier Lane, Melbourne
Escargot - Hosier Lane, Melbourne
Bottle Shop - St Kilda, Melbourne
Musical Bears - Hosier Lane, Melbourne
Pink Dog - Hosier Lane, Melbourne
Hanging Boots - Melbourne CBD